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A stunning range of durable genuine leather backpack bags for women and men. Most of these highly fashionable bags have been designed with functionality in mind. The result is their outstanding convertible quality! Most of them can be used as either a conventional backpack or a sling backpack handbag.




Benjamin leather backpack bags and tech bag by Der Lederhandler, George, Western Cape

Order this backpack bag in toffee, rust, tobacco, black, grey, or red

A fully lined, ‘technical bag’ PLUS backpack that features full-grain leather and a natural look with simple, minimalistic lines.

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A backpack laptop bag can obviously be used in more settings than the conventional laptop bag, considering that it does not only have to be used as a laptop bag.  If your tech bag is usually heavy, having a backpack as a tech bag can help to shift the weight more evenly over both shoulders.

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The interior boasts a well-planned layout apart from the padded protection pocket for a laptop, notebook or tablet.  The double interior compartment gives the roomy inside some well-suited structure and purpose.  The second compartment is a bit smaller than the main compartment and adds to the versatility of the bag’s storage options in addition to the ample zip pockets to keep all your extras organized.

This backpack can be used for many purposes.  Use it as a traveler, as a student, as a professional or as a ‘take-everywhere’-backpack.

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