Leather Bags for Women

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Beautiful genuine leather bags for women that can be mainly divided into three groups: leather crossbody handbags with long single slings with the ‘messenger’- and/or ‘satchel’ look for women on the go. Secondly, leather shoulder bags with either double or single strap with the ‘satchel’-, ‘barrel’-, ‘classic’- and/or ‘saddlebag’ look. Thirdly, the more classic style leather handbags for women with the modern ‘tote’-, ‘hobo’-, ‘bucket’-, ‘doctor’- and/or ‘bowling’ styles.




Leather bags for women by Der Lederhandler, George, Western Cape

Order this classic handbag in toffee, rust, tobacco, black,
grey, or red

A tote look from the outside, but conventional from the inside.  The Candice handbag is not the usual tote carryall shopper bag because of the divided interior and practical pockets.

It can be easily incorporated into your individual style be it classic or casual, because of its simple sophistication.

This is a good quality to have in a handbag and even better when considered with the voluminous interior.  It comes with a zippered interior divider, a second interior zip pocket, an interior sleeve, and front zip pocket, yet it does not appear bulky.   The full-grain genuine leather construction and strong fabric-lining provide long-lasting use.

IN SHORT, it is practical, comfortable and fashionable.

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