Leather Bags for Women

Complete your look with fashionable handbags…

Beautiful genuine leather bags for women that can be mainly divided into three groups: leather crossbody handbags with long single slings with the ‘messenger’- and/or ‘satchel’ look for women on the go. Secondly, leather shoulder bags with either double or single strap with the ‘satchel’-, ‘barrel’-, ‘classic’- and/or ‘saddlebag’ look. Thirdly, the more classic style leather handbags for women with the modern ‘tote’-, ‘hobo’-, ‘bucket’-, ‘doctor’- and/or ‘bowling’ styles.


Tosca genuine leather bags for women as part of Der Lederhandler's online accessories - George, Western Cape

Our Tosca range offers three options to cater for most individual needs that women may have, with Tosca No.3 as the most extreme of the three options. Its convertibility into a baby diaper bag makes it a favorite amongst mothers!  Check out Tosca No 1, Tosca No 2 and Tosca No 3…



Martie classic leather bag for women by Der Lederhandler, George, Western Cape

Natural Rocks!

The natural earthy look compliments any ensemble from business, casual to everyday wear. Martie was developed to meet the demand for a multi-purpose handbag that accentuates good style in a variety of contexts. The fabric inner dividers help to organize personal belongings.

View MARTIE HP7294 – genuine leather classic handbag