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A small but diverse range of tech bags designed for the modern student, businessman, and businesswomen. The modern ‘messenger bag’ or ‘postman bag’ style is reflected in many of these bags and can be divided into four main groups: leather briefcase bags, leather laptop bags, leather iPad bags, and organizer handbags.




Anton, genuine leather laptop tech bag - Der Lederhandler - George, Western Cape

Order this tech bag in rust, tobacco, black, toffee, red, or grey.

At first glance, one gets the impression of a thin laptop case with not much space, but the Anton briefcase is a clever design.

While in carrying position, this classic retro design holds its form.  With its full-grain leather construction, It gives you the quality appearance that you need to not look out of place in boardroom meetings yet it has enough vintage personality for a coffee shop session and great ‘sense’ for on-the-go-interactions.

If your technical accessories are more serious than a cell phone or tablet then this bag will be able to carry it. 

The fully fabric-lined main compartment will hold your… – click to open

The fully fabric-lined main compartment will hold your laptop or notebook as well as a narrow lever arch file, and the loose divider is handy to neatly separate your accessories like a charger, headphones and/or mouse.  This bag is great for additional documents, which can be stored in the front pocket.  A safe-keeping magnetic clip comes in handy and documents can easily be taken from or placed in the briefcase with one hand.  The rear zip pocket gives extra space without making the case bulky.  Lastly, a handy leather band on the rear fits over the luggage-cart-handgrip of travel cases.

This backpack can be used for many purposes.  Use it as a traveler, as a student, as a professional or as a ‘take-everywhere’-backpack.

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Benjamin, genuine leather laptop- and backpack bag - Der Lederhandler - George, Western Cape

New Backpack Tech Bag

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