Wallet Bags

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Made in South Africa, our wallet bag range truly reflects our diverse culture and consumer needs.  A range of handcrafted full-grain genuine leather unisex and male wallet bags with different styles and functionalities including men’s wrist bags, leather sling bags, leather backpack slings, organizer handbags, card bags and leather waist bags.  This is the ultimate man bag collection for men with various colors to choose from.


Charlie Sling

Charlie small, medium or large wallet bag by Der Lederhandler, George, Western Cape

TAKES UP LESS SPACE yet accommodates your personal items…

Charlie, for men and women, was designed to meet the consumer need for an affordable, yet quality ‘space-saving’ sling bag.  As a full-grain, fabric-lined product it is a quality yet well-priced option for those who want to indulge in the quality leather look.  Available in a wide variety of colors!

View CHARLIE SLING SMALL HP 7289 small wallet sling bag

View CHARLIE SLING MEDIUM HP7290 medium wallet sling bag

View CHARLIE SLING LARGE HP7295 large wallet sling bag

Jaydee Smart

Jaydee Smart wallet bag by Der Lederhandler, George, Western Cape

HARMONIZE YOUR LIFE…  Easily arrange with strong leather card slots and blend in with any semi-casual to casual outfit. 

To meet the demand for hassle-free personal coordination for men and women the Jaydee Smart was designed with a steady and strong leather card-slot region, inner zip pocket, front zipper pocket and sizable single compartment.  With its minimalistic design, it is a good blender, which makes it popular with almost any semi-casual to casual outfit.

View JAYDEE SMART SLING HP 7291 unisex wallet sling bag