Repairs and Warranty Policy

Our return policy reads as follows:

  • Our warranty period stretches up to 3 (three) months from date of purchase and any returned product must be accompanied by a proof of the date of purchase.
  • Customers must notify Der Lederhandler in writing, within 24 hours after delivery, should any product contain a manufacturing defect.
  • ALL PRODUCTS UNDER QUESTION MUST ALWAYS FIRST BE RETURNED TO THE FACTORY before any product can be replaced or credits given.
  • We design our products in such a way that it enables us to replace damaged zips, accessories, and even certain leather and lining panels.
  • Our employees know that we are very strict on returns and any returned product goes directly to management for immediate assessment.
  • Management will firstly assess whether the product was returned due to material failure, human error, misuse by the customer, or normal wear and tear.
  • As all our products are manufactured at our factory in George, therefore all repairs will also be done at the factory.
  • Turnaround time for returns is one full working day after receiving the returned product at our factory. The product will be repaired immediately and returned the next day.
  • Should we not be able to repair the product for whatever reason, the product will be replaced. Should we have the same product in-store it will be replaced immediately and despatched the next day.
  • If no stock is available, the production of a replacement will immediately start and would not take longer than 1 week.
  • Should the raw material not be readily available, the customer will be informed and asked to decide whether a credit should be passed at the original wholesale purchase price or whether the user would prefer to wait for the replacement until the raw material is available – normally not longer than 4 weeks.
  • NO PRODUCT MAY BE REPLACED by any customer without the approval of the factory. No credit will be passed for unauthorised replacements due to the fact that our designs enable us to repair our products. We also have to assess the origin and extent of the damage to the product.

The following will not be regarded as defects:

All our products are handmade from genuine leather. By its nature, each product will be different as the leather will have inter alia different textures, slight colour variation, different stitching, different colour linings, and different markings.


Der Lederhandler does not offer a Swop out policy. Our products are very personal commodities and once used by someone, its condition changes. Nobody is under pressure to buy the product and therefore has enough time to make sure that it’s the right product for them.


The management of Der Lederhandler takes responsibility for our products’ performance at our customers’ shops. To us, a good sale does not mean a sale to the retailer – we then only have changed assets – we took the retailer’s money and the retailer sits with the stock. We, therefore, define a good sale as a sale, through our customer, to the public. It is thus very important to us that the retailer never end up with slow-moving or old stock.

Our policy: As we have 4 outlets of our own in George and Mossel Bay, we take back slow movers and put it in our shops. We then replace those products with fast movers of the same value. Although we do not allow cash refunds, the retailer is guaranteed to have no old stock in store. This is done at least 3 times per year. Management visits your buyers every 3-4 months. We refrain from using agents as they easily oversell and we prefer to have a personal relationship with our customers.

The ROLLING STOCK POLICY only applies to products ordered on our advice or through the “fashion arrangement” whereby new products are tested. Products selected by your buyers and ordered in bigger volumes, cannot be returned for credit. We cannot for instance take back products should you decide to change the “look” of your shops.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more clarification.

Yours Sincerely

The Der Lederhandler Team

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